Tarika/Mind the gap between

Virginia is creating a site specific  for Lato: she closes the desk used for meetings turning it into a big lamp, where Tarika reads the Tarot. The artist begins the performance by having the Tarot read and there she takes a person at a time inside the opera. Tarika /Mind the gap between is a work for the visitor, who becomes protagonist, it’s  a passage from the outside to the inside. The spectator gets in deep down according to a primary need of knowledge but the answer is already inside ourselves, the symbol is just a device to show our grade of conscience.

Inside a discovery made of listening and an answering. The process leads to a reflection on the mechanisms of the fruition of art. The work is just a prompt to activate something latent and light up among the folds of our ego.  Virginia spoils the obscure, the unknown which helps find out a light both physical and interior. It’s the question that becomes resource for creative process of the artist.

Fabrizia Bettazzi