Artist and art professor, she lives in Prato. Degree in painting with honors at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, specialized in art education.

She works both in unconventional places andItalian and foreign institutions for culture and contemporary art such as the Man of Nuoro, Palazzo Strozzi in Florence, the GAG Pecci in Prato, the Kunsthalle of Bern, the Italian Gultural Institute of New Delhi and Zurich.

She has won prizes such as the MIBACT Movin Up 2015 Award and the Intemational Competition for artists for the creation of permanent artworks for the Law Court in Florence in 2017, the Maccaferri First Prize for photography, Artefiera 2019, Smartup Optima 2019 and Level 0 ArtVerona Digital Yellow 2020.

Her works and texts are present in publications such as A Cielo Aperto and H.U. Obrist’s book A Brief History of Curating, postmediabooks, Milan, in magazines such as Artribune, Espoarte, Exhibart, Flash Art or newspapers such as La Lettura of Gorriere della Sera or Republic.
Go-founder of the Estuario project space of Prato and of the Laboratory of the Future, a discussion platform where intellectuals from various cultural areas meet and debate the main themes of our time together with citizens.


My works have a function of transformation, reversal of states and conditions. 

In my research, the Other, as opposed to the Self, constitutes  the starting point to explore ideas of separation and disharmony with the purpose  to allow the recognition of our link with the community and the environment.  Actions and performances are a fundamental part of my practice, both as an aesthetic experience and a generating force of pictorial, photographic, sculptural or environmental works. They are constructed as rituals or psychomagic acts in order to rediscover a new social conscience. With my practice I try to find the essence of a community and the human’s ‘essential’, adopting the critical potential of crisis as a stimulus for a continuous rethinking of reality.  Among the motivations behind the processes of the genesis of my works, there is the desire to understand the functioning of life and the relationships that support it, starting from an idea of non-duality between the phenomena and the force that sustains them.  My practice is based on collective participatory actions as a tool which tries to capture some visions by the collective unconscious, taking advantage of revealing coincidences, random circumstances manifesting some deep messages.  In my works I try to cancel any constraint linked to the categories: material and immaterial forms merge when the performative act becomes an object and the viewer becomes an artist through a collective mode of development.  Every action seeks to bring out a renewed sense of the existence and an affective knowledge. I try to identify and break up the boundary between the artwork and the spectator, through relational dynamics or within the shared codes of a community, aiming at making the artwork an integral part of the environment where it is conceived

ph Silvia Noferi